Vincent – Miss Blue

posted in Pop

Miss Blue ist die neue Single von Vincent, dem smarten Schweden.

Sweet is the smile that paints your lips,
Happy are those jeans to be shaping your hips, it's true,
I'm stuck on you,
Lucky is the shirt that covers your chest,
You wouldn't have the ego to discover the rest of you,
I'm stuck on you, yeah yeah.

Sweet miss Blue, how do you do (how do you do),
Sorry I know it's late, sorry but I can't wait,
Are you lying,
Sleepless too, say you do (oh say you do),
Sorry but I can't wait,
Without you I'm dying,
Sweet miss Blue,
Sweet miss Blue,
I'm begging you.

Rich is the head that shapes your face,
And I would do whatever to get on your case, it's true,
I'm stuck on you,
I'm jealous of them heals that carry your feet,
Oh if only they came walking right up to me, it's true,
Oh I'm stuck on you.